What is a Community Token and Why MOM is a special Token?

The crypto world is ever-changing. With each day, blockchain is offering solutions to problems through its application. Community token is also a solution to make communities stronger and help the creator’s economy. With everyone talking about the power of communities for the past two years. It will be fascinating to see how blockchain disrupts it.

So, let’s understand what community tokens are, how they are changing the creator’s economy and how MOM is contributing to it?

What Are Community Tokens

Community tokens are fungible tokens that give you digital ownership of the community. Fungible means they are identical to each other like a normal currency or bitcoin. The digital ownership you get is by blockchain technology through smart contracts.

A community token gives you access to exclusive stuff offered by the community. It gives a creator a means of monetizing the community around the creator. Hence, it becomes an important part of the creator’s economy as well.

But, what makes it different from a subscription model currently used by creators?
The first difference is that — you own a part of the community instead of just subscribing. It means if the community thrives, you get the benefits too. As a result, members of a community become much more invested in such communities.

The second one is that you can transfer ownership, which is not possible in the case of the subscription model. You can only drop the subscription in such a case. Also, the value of the subscription doesn’t change over time. In the case of community tokens though, the value of token increases as the community thrives.

What’s The Point Of Community Token

A community token gives you exclusive access and acts as a token of value exchange in the community. As you get more tokens by buying or by contributing to the community, you unlock more access. It gives you a sense of belonging and incentivizes your contribution to the community.

On the other side, for a creator-oriented community, the creator gets to monetize and have a better interaction with its audience.

MOM’s Community Token

MOM is a special meme token. It’s a token with a purpose to help memers. This token gives access to MOM’s meme NFT platform. This platform is an enabler for memers to create, sell and buy meme NFTs.

MOM makes sure that the holders are safeguarded. With each transaction that takes place, MOM offers a 1% reflection token to the holder. It means every transaction benefits MOM token holders.

The longer you hold on to the token, the more benefits you get. MOM also ensures convenience and rewards for the community by giving them extra benefits.

As MOM is focused on memes, it builds a unique community of memers around it. And becomes a great way for memers to monetize memes and leverage creators’ economy.

The creators’ economy is increasing multifold and communities are a big part of such models. Community tokens and community are going to be a huge part of the web3 ecosystem. With projects like MOM in place, creators will thrive in such a growing economy with the support of communities.

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MOM is a caring and loving DeFi token, aimed at profits and rewards for the community. Starting with 100 quadrillion tokens.

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MOM Token

MOM Token

MOM is a caring and loving DeFi token, aimed at profits and rewards for the community. Starting with 100 quadrillion tokens.

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